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"Good God, Y'all" Icons

50 Icons
50 - Supernatural "Good God, Y'all"

IconsCollapse )

Supernatural Entertainment Weekly Icons

05 Icons
05 - Entertainment Weekly "Supernatural" shoot icons.

IconsCollapse )

Supernatural 5x01 Icons

43 Icons
43 - "Sympathy for the Devil" icons

IconsCollapse )

Turn Coat

Some icons made from the cover art of the latest Dresden book, "Turn Coat".

10 Icons
10 - Turn Coat

More Random Icons with a Dresden Chaser

Just stuff that's been building up on my hard drive. Including the obligatory Dresden icons.

42 Icons
15 - Sam Elliot in Ghost Rider
03 - Horses
05 - Gilmore Girls
07 - Random Celebrities - Tara Reid, Valerie Cruz, Christian Bale
07 - Christian Bale in 3:10 to Yuma
05 - Dresden Files


Doctor, Actress and Princess

More random icons!

44 Icons
17 - House MD
08 - Cate Blanchette
19 - Star Wars

Grab Bag Surprise!

Okay, I have had a lot of this stuff just sitting around on my computer for ages now. Some of these I've made for role-playing purposes, some I've made for fun and others I just forgot I had.

00 Icons
03 - Valerie Cruz
12 - Cate Blanchett
23 - Paine, FFX-2
18 - Kristen Stewart
04 - Colin Farrell
20 - Stock Images

Dresden Project Part 1

So, I started this project about a month ago, but because of school I kinda forgot about it. Then I got a new laptop and had to figure out how to install fonts with Vista and had to remember how to use Photoshop Elements because I switched back with the new laptop. In other words, graphics making kinda got put on hold while I futzed with things and dealt with life.

But, I'm back! With lots and lots of Dresden icons.

210 Icons
35 - Birds of a Feather
35 - Boone Identity
35 - Hair of the Dog
35 - Rules of Engagement
35 - Bad Blood
35 - Soul Beneficiary

Book Verse

More Dresden icons! But not what you're expecting. These are book arts icons.

29 Icons
29 - Dresden Icons

art from HERE

Shippy Desktops

I've been rather busy lately with school starting up again so the time I've had to make graphics has been non-existent, but I made these three Harry/Murphy wallpapers in the past few days to share! All the lyrics used in these are songs by OneRepublic which is a totally awesome group.

03 Wallpapers
01 - Boone Identity
01 - What About Bob?
01 - Second City

Someone To Save You
Come Home


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